Our Mission

Where there’s open space, there’s need. We reach out to our community, both locally and within the State, to foster and help sustain one of the last truly wild and rural areas of northern New Jersey. We need your help, though...

Our Services

The Knowlton Environmental Commission serves the community by being an active voice in bringing awareness  to current issues and initiatiaves  that impact our environment.  Here is a list  of our recent initiatives that we encourage your participation in.

We’re fortunate to live in an area in northern New Jersey that still has plenty of open farmland, woodlands, streams and one of the last undammed rivers of the Nation, the Delaware River. 

Open Space

  • Keeping the rural character of Knowlton preserved.
  • Helping determining proper commercial signage regulation.
  • Advising the Township in the value of Open Space preservation.

“I never realized what a need there was for clean drinking water and air out here in Knowlton.  It’s easy to forget that other townships out there don’t have to worry about well based drinking water and clean air. Volunteering with Knowlton Township Environmental events opened my eyes and heart to a real need for a grass roots call to action!”


Rachel Karsen,

Knowlton Township Volunteer

“My Township has always been a clean rural land for everyone to enjoy and have fun in enjoying the country  life.  We needed to sustain this precious lifestyle by educating our community on the values of proper zoning, development and land usage, it is so important for the future of Knowlton and all it's critters...


Frank Von Beaver,

Village Elder

The Lives We Impact

July, 2013

Portland Power Plant will cease coal-burning  activity in June 2014

News & Meetings

17 September, 2013

Township Committee Meeting

27 August, 2013

Planning Board Meeting - American Fuel Sign Proposal

Knowlton Township Environmental Commission​